Here are some of the magnificent demonstrations members enjoyed recently
Moira Spencer with her demonstration combined with workshop in  February 2020

Sue Blackwell with her illustrated lettering samples in December 2019

Lindsay Norman with her charcoal owl in October 2019

Tom Ratcliffe talked about artsts at war in June 2019

John Swift demonstrated stone carving in March 2019

Louise Limb at February's friendly criticism session 

Jane Galvin with her flower painting in March 2018

Bruce Mulcahy with his oil painting in February 2018

Barbara Goodall at her workshop combined with demonstration in Nov 

Anthony Barrow with his charcoal and acrylic portrait in May 2018

Sue Smith with her nativity models in August 2017

David Newbould with his oil landscape in April 2017

Paul Talbot-Greaves with his watercolour demonstration in March 2017

Ian Hobson gives friendly criticism in February 2017

Anita Daniel with her acrylic painting in December 2016

Adrian Lindley and David Holt talk and slide show in woodcutting in October 2016

Linda Bulleyment with her ceramics demonstration in September 2016

Martin Farrar at his resist technique demo/workshop in June 2016

Charles Kelly demonstrates wildlife watercolour May 2016

John Ridyard gives friendly criticism in February 2016

Jeremy Taylor with his coastal oil demonstration in December 2015

Tim Rose with his watercolour painting of canal barges in October 2015

Paul Talbot-Greaves demonstrated in acrylic in July 2015

Susan Ridyard showed members her silk and embroidered paintings
in May 2015

Heidi Farrar demonstrated acrylic fur in February 2015

Roger Simpson's watercolour racing horses in December 14

David Froggatt with his watercolour painting in November 2014

Caro Ward with her acrylic horse painting October 2014

Kate Lycett with her mixed media painting in July 2014

Robert Dutton with his pastel demonstration in May 2014

Kath Bolton at her book binding demonstration in April 2014

 Jeremy Ford with his Acrylic demonstration - January 2014


Paul Pigram with his pastel painting of Borrowdale Beck in October 2013


Jeremy Taylor with his oil seascape in July 2013

Derek Stansfield with his coffee painting in May 2013
John Ridyard gave friendly criticism in February 2013
Sue Smith with her pastel dog painting in January 2013
Lucia Smith with her finished pastel painting  October 2012
 John Thornton demonstrated gouache in July 2012
Trevor Park assesses Sue Smith's painting in February 2012
Anne Allan demonstrated Chinese Brush Painting in November 2011
John Larbalestier with his holiday sketch demonstration August 2011
Les Packham with his watercolour demonstration of Thwaite in March 2011
Ron Blake-Harper with his painting in progress of a seascape in December 2010
Matthew Evens demonstrated painting Welholme Park in mixed media in October 2010
Anne Allen demonstrated Chinese Brush Painting in September 2010
 Matthew Evans demonstrated mixed media in June 2010
Arthur Craven demonstrated with his watercolour painting in March 2010

John Thornton gives friendly advice in May 2010

Charles Kelly with his two wildlife demonstration pieces in January 2020

Bruce Mulcahy demonstrated  in oils in September 2019

John Harrison demonstrated line and wash in May 2019

Richard Kitson with his portrait in oil in February 2019

Paul Talbot-Greaves with his watercolour landscape in August 2018

Jane Lazenby with her coloured pencil drawing in April 2018

Jenny Watson with one of the paintings at her criticism session in February 2018

Matthew Evans with his demonstration in November 2017

Charles Kelly's watercolour demonstration September 2017

David Woolass with his acrylic seascape in June 2017

John Thornton with his figures in landscapes demonstration in January 2017

Cath Inglis with her pastel demonstration in October 2016

Bruce Mulcahy with his gouache demonstration in July 2016

Susan Gillespie helps Barbera and Pat with charcoal drawing in April 2016

Charles Kelly with his two watercolour wildlife paintings in January 2016

Jane Lazenby demonstrated drawing costume model in November 2015

John Harrison with his pen and wash painting in September 2015

Owen Phillips talks about photography in July 2015

David Starley demonstrated oil painting with knives, April 2015

John Ridyard gives friendly criticism in February 2015

Airess make up artists in January 2015

Jane Galvin's watercolour amaryllis in September 2014

David Newbould with his mixed media painting in July 2014

Graeme Willson's talk and slide show of his murals in May 2014

Matthew Evans with his acrylic demonstration in March 2014

John Thornton gives friendly criticism in February 2014

Anne Allen's Chinese Brush demonstration in January 2014

Geoff Wood with his acrylic portrait of David Ellis in October 2013
Geoff Wood with Robin Dance and the caricature Geoff painted August 2013 
 Katherine Bolton with Ken, Sue and Melanie with silk paintings in May 2013

 Paul Talbot Greaves with his watercolour in March 2013 
  David Hemingway with his watercolour in Jan 2013
David Newbould with pen and wash painting - November 2012
Barbara Place combined watercolour demonstration with workshop in September 2012

Katherine Bolton demonstrates silk paiting with Jill Smith in August 2012

 David Newbould demonstrated in oils April 2012 
Pat Fairclough with her January 2012 demonstration of encaustic wax
Paul Brotherton with his acrylic demonstration in October 2011
Paul Talbot-Greaves with his watercolour demonstration of Walshaw in March 2011
Trevor Park gives friendly criticism in February 2011
Pat Fairclough with her Encaustic Wax demonstration combined with workshop in January 2011
Brian Lancaster demonstrated two boats in pastel in November 2010
Paul Talbot-Greves demonstrated a watercolour barn in August 2010
Griff Griffiths demonstrated in watercolor in May 2010

John Ridyard gives friendly criticism in 2010

John Larbelester demonstrated drawing people in April 2010 

Bill Wells demonstrated with two acrylic paintings in July 2010

Roger Davies demonstrated mixed media in October 2019

David Starley demonstrated oil painting with knives in July 19

Dave Smith with his ceramics demonstration in April 19

Lisa Shackelton with her pyrography in January 2019

Jenny Watson with her stormy sky in October 2018

Tracey Krupianka with her underwater acylic ink painting in September 2018

Martin Priestly with one of his photographs in November 2018

Sue Smith with her pastel cat painting in June 

David Starley with his oil by knives demonstration in January 2018

Pippa Ashworth with some of the members artwork in November 2017

Stephen Hanson demonstrated digital art in September 2017

Clive Wylie with his perspective in buildings in watercolour August 2017

Barbara Place demonstrates white flowers in watercolour May 2017

Geoff Wood with his caricature of Linda Reinisch in February 2017

John Harrison with his pen and wash demo in November 2016

Anne Allen with one of her Chinese brush paintings in September 2016

Tahar Abroudjameur with his oil painting in June 2016

Lucy Wilkins with her felt picture in March 2016

Jane Gamble with her Turner watercolour demonstration in January 2016

Genevieve Thompson demonstrated the art of fused glass in October 2015

David Newbould with his finished pastel painting in August 2015

Rosemary demonstrated how she makes paint brushes in June 2015

Richard Gawthorpe with his painting of Tolson Museum in May 2015

Graham Alcock's talk on 'can you believe your eyes' in March 2015

John Thornton in January 2015 at his demonstration and workshop

Andrew Jenkin with his mixed media in October 2014

Paul Talbot-Greaves's acrylic demonstration in August 2014

John Hargreaves and gouache London scene in June 2014

Pat Fairclough with some members and their encaustic wax paintings in April 2014

Sue Smith with her pastel horse painting using viewing equipment - February 2014

Brian Lancaster with his oil portrait - December 2013

Keith Mountain with his contemporary landscape in November 2013

 Charles Kelly with his wet on wet wildlife demonstrations in September 2013

Brice Mulcahy with his oil painting in June 2013

  Cath Inglis with her pastel portrait in April 2013
Mark Tennant from Skipton Art Shop demonstrated making picture frames in Feb 2013
 Jake Attree with his gouache painting in November 2012

Matthew Evans with his finished mixed media demonstration in August 2012 

Jeremy Taylor demonstrated oil in June 2012

 Ron Blake-Harper's seascape in acrylic in May 2012
 Brian Lancaster demonstrated portraits in oils in March 2012
Jane Austin with her watercolour demonstration - December 2011
Rosemary demonstrates making paint brushes in September 2011
 Katherine Bolton with some examples of silk paintings produced at her workshop/ demonstration in April 2011
Arthur Craven with his watercolur of a snow scene at Mallerstang Edge in February 2011
David Newbold demonstrated boats at Hastings in mixed media in September 2010